The Dovetail

A Postgraduate Journal of Literary Criticism and Creativity

This is a temporary site. The address of the journal will be:

The Dovetail is an online journal based in the UK at Bangor University’s School of English. Like its namesake in carpentry, the journal values a process of interlocking and is formed from a series of meetings: between the various periods in which literary scholars work; between postgraduate students on an international scale; between the critical and creative aspects of literary study.

The goal of The Dovetail is to build an online space that facilitates the exchange of research and ideas between postgraduate students of literature. By extension, we also hope to provide postgraduate students with a comprehensive set of resources and a platform for the distribution of their work. As a platform, The Dovetail helps postgraduate researchers and writers establish and maintain their presence in scholarly publication.

The Dovetail accepts submissions via email of both creative and critical work. Creative pieces may be poetry or prose, whilst critical pieces may focus on any text/subject/period. All submissions must conform to the guidelines specified in our Submission guidelines section.

Once a submitted piece has been accepted for inclusion in the journal, it will be tagged with keywords according to its content and published in the appropriate category. All published pieces will subsequently be included in an issue of the journal, released once a substantial number of submissions have been accepted.

There are, therefore, three ways in which to navigate The Dovetail: by issue number, by category and by searching for keywords.