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All submissions should be attached to an email and sent to:
Please read all submission guidelines before submitting.

General guidelines
  • All submissions should be in the English language. If you incorporate materials from other languages, please try to include translations into English.
  • Please include your name and the name of your university.
  • Please try to attach your submission as a Microsoft Word .doc file.
  • Please include an abstract of around 200 words. For critical pieces this should be a standard academic abstract. Creative pieces are allowed more flexibility in this area.
  • Please specify up to five keywords to describe your submission. These are used to make the journal searchable. To give an unlikely example, a set of keywords might read: Marxism, Medieval, Hemingway, Poetry, Environment.
  • If you have any questions about our guidelines, please contact us.

Guidelines for critical work
  • Critical pieces may focus on any time period, any text(s) and any aspect of literary study.
  • Critical pieces should be around 5,000 words. We can allow some flexibility on this.
  • Critical pieces must be thoroughly referenced. Any critical piece that is not fully referenced will not be considered.

Guidelines for creative work
  • Creative pieces may be in the form of poetry, prose, drama, or something else entirely.
  • Prose submissions should be no more than 5,000 words in length. There is no minimum word limit. Prose submissions may be of a short story, a novel extract, a travel piece, or something else.
  • Poetry submissions should consist of 5-10 poems, but this depends on the length of your poems. If you wish to submit a particularly long poem, or if your poetry takes an unconventional form, please use your discretion or contact us in advance.

Submission procedure
  • All pieces will be read by an editor who specialises in the relevant area. Editors may on occasion consult members of our advisory panel, should a particular piece present difficulties. Editors may also contact the author (e.g. to query a citation or request an alteration).
  • Once the relevant editor has decided whether to include the submitted piece, the author will be notified promptly. Please be patient.
  • Once any minor changes have been agreed and made, pieces accepted for submission will have The Dovetail’s title page affixed to them and will be converted to .pdf format for publication.
  • All accepted submissions will be published in the appropriate section of the website and labeled with the keywords specified. All accepted submissions will also be included in a numbered issue of the journal, to be released at specified intervals.

Publication information
  • All accepted submissions will be published electronically as a .pdf file.
  • To ensure that this can occur in a timely period please review the above guidelines to ensure that all necessary information is included with your submission.
  • Your research will continue to be your own intellectual property.